[Level Up]
Kotori Otonashi
Rarity Attribute Card ID No.
R EX 154

This card can't be awakened any further!

Attack Defense Total
Base Stats (The minimum stats available without leveling or awakening.) 10 10 20
Max Stats (The maximum stats available without awakening.) 10 10 20
Cost Sale Price
Misc. 99 +9900
Skill No Skill
This card lacks a skill.
Debut Various
Platinum Gacha Reward
Login Bonus
Battle Stamp Complete Reward
Weekly Producer Ranking Reward
Producer Title Reward
Theater Lottery Rewards
Comment Reward
Serif Japanese
ふぅ~、今日も忙しいですね、プロデューサーさん! 時々は一息いれて、ちょこっと妄想タイム…じゃなかった、コーヒータイム、しちゃいましょうか!?
Hmm~, looks like we're busy again today, Producer-san! Sometimes it's good to take a breather, have just a small amount of me time, so... when we have the time, would you like have some coffee together!?
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