HN Level Up Clerk Kotori Otonashi

Frameless HN Level Up Clerk Kotori Otonashi

[Level Up Clerk]
Kotori Otonashi
Rarity Attribute Card ID No.
HN EX 350

This card can't be awakened any further!

Attack Defense Total
Base Stats (The minimum stats available without leveling or awakening.) 5 5 10
Max Stats (The maximum stats available without awakening.) 5 5 10
Cost Sale Price
Misc. 99 +9900
Skill No Skill
This card lacks a skill.
Debut Various
Login Bonus
Theater Lottery Rewards
Comment Reward
Serif Japanese
ふぅ~、今日も忙しいですね、プロデューサーさん! 時々は一息いれて、ちょこっと妄想タイム…じゃなかった、コーヒータイム、しちゃいましょうか!?
Hmm~, looks like we're busy again today, Producer-san! Sometimes it's good to take a breather, have just a small amount of me time, so... when we have the time, would you like have some coffee together!?
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