HR Sweets Break For Two Haruka Amami

Frameless HR Sweets Break For Two Haruka Amami

[Sweets Break For Two]
Haruka Amami
Rarity Attribute Card ID No.
HR Vocal 4

This card can't be awakened any further!

Attack Defense Total
Base Stats (The minimum stats available without leveling or awakening.) 2080 2080 4160
Max Stats (The maximum stats available without awakening.) 5200 5200 10400
Cost Sale Price
Misc. 13 +1300
Skill Two-People's Bond
Large increase to Attack Power.
Debut Awakened Card
This card is an awakened version of The Stage Everyone Makes.
Serif Japanese
プロデューサーさん、1つ食べてみてください。 …これでも結構凝ってるんですよ?
Producer-san, please try one of these. ...This is pretty elaborate, isn't it? Even so, I hope you enjoy the taste of my homemade sweets.
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