HR Ultimate Live! Leon

Frameless HR Ultimate Live! Leon

[Ultimate Live!]
Rarity Attribute Card ID No.
HR EX 2673

This card can't be awakened any further!

Attack Defense Total
Base Stats (The minimum stats available without leveling or awakening.) 500 500 1000
Max Stats (The maximum stats available without awakening.) 500 500 1000
Cost Sale Price
Misc. 99 +9900
Skill No Skill
This card lacks a skill!
Debut Ultimate Live Arena Final League
Stage Clear Reward
Serif Japanese
よくここまでたどり着いたね…ふふっ♪ アタシとキミたち、どっちが観客を湧かせられるか…

さあ、アタシに見せて! キミたちの最高の輝きを!

So, you've managed to make it this♪ You or me, who's gonna grab the audience's attention... Come on, show me! Your best brilliance!
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