Agent Into The Night (Agent Yo wo Yuko) is a song from the 2005 iDOLM@STER game, and serves as the image song to Makoto Kikuchi.

Lyrics Edit

Somewhere on the night there's someone at the bottom door

He's faster than sound

I think I lost control of my game

And he's faster

He's the AGENT

A fast AGENT

[Maybe he could

Help me out

If I

Get stuck on a game]

But he would try to knock me down


Agent into the night

Maybe he could watch me

If I'm going to get you

I'm going to get you

Standing tall

He's on the way

An agent could jump on you

But he's the agent

Yes, the agent

(Check your costumes.

Push it, dress for salute...)

And I watched out

For him

But I was

Too late

But he would try to knock me down, yeah

(Repeat Chorus 2X until this line: Stand to attention!)

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