Azusa Miura

Azusa Miura Idolmaster 2 Cover


In THE iDOLM@STER and THE iDOLM@STER: Live For You!, her hair goes about to the small of her back. However, in THE iDOLM@STER 2, she says she cut it after joining Ryugu Komachi.


The oldest amongst all idols in the game, Azusa's personality reflects that of a kind-hearted but ditsy "big sister" type. She has a very easy going and carefree personality, though also an incredibly terrible sense of direction, and while walking her dog will occasionally end up in strange, distant places with nary a clue of how she got there, or how to get back.

She joins Ami and Iori to form Ryugu Komachi. She likes to do fortune telling and walk dogs.


She says she would like a husband soon. She really wants to marry before she gets too old.


About AzusaEdit

Voiced By: Chiaki Takahashi (anime only), Risa Taneda (movies only)



Character Song: 9:02 PM, Tonari Ni..., Massugu with Makoto.

Likes to do: Fortune tell

Purpose of Being an idol: To find her destined someone.

Personal InfoEdit

Age: 21

Height: 168cm

Weight: 48Kg

Birthday: July 19

Blood Type: O

Measurements: 91-59-86

Likes: Walking Dogs

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