Eri Mizutani is a member of 876 Pro, a rival of 765 Pro. Although once a hikikomori and internet celebrity known as "Ellie", she was scouted to become a real life idol. Although she can perform well online, in reality, she is very shy and does not like to talk to people outside her group of friends.

Appearence and VoiceEdit

Voiced By: Kana Hanazawa

Apperence: Idolm@ster Dearly Stars

Eri's StoryEdit

Eri is trying to become a Top Idol so the player offers to help her do that. To become a top idol, Eri must pass lessons, audtions, battles against 765 Pro, and the story ends with her performing her image song.

Eri doesn't like talking to people outside from her group. She only likes Ai and Ryo.

Quotes: "Uh... Hello, nice to meet you. I'm... Eri, idol of 876 Pro..."

"Let's do our best, (Player's Name)!"

"No... No..."

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