Everyone Together, It's a Live Broadcast! A Live Broadcast! (Minna Sorotte, Namahōsō desu yo Namahōsō! - みんな揃って、生放送ですよ生放送!) is the 15th episode of THE iDOLM@STER anime series. It first aired on October 14, 2011.


The 765 Pro idols star in a comedy variety show called Are We Live? Sunday, hosted by Haruka, Chihaya and Miki. Other segments on the show include Hibiki's challenge of running to reach the studio in time, Azusa, Yayoi and Iori with kindergarteners, Yukiho helping Makoto trying on clothes, Takane going out tasting ramen with Ami and Mami and a trailer of the idols upcoming action mecha movie. But soon comedic situations abound when Haruka accidentally smacks herself on the face trying to open an ice cream box, forcing Chihaya to hold her laughter, Miki trying to flirt the Producer much to his and Ritsuko's chagrin, Yukiho forcing a helpless Makoto to try on male clothes, Yayoi messing up the weather report, Ami and Mami unable to finish the ramen Takane ordered and Hibiki getting lost. By the end of the show, it revealed Kotori was watching it at her home.

Featured Song

Ending Theme

MEGARE! by Haruka, Chihaya, Miki

Episode Guide

# Episode Title Airdate Watch Episode*
1 This Is Where the Girls Start July 8, 2011 Play
2 The Girls Start Preparing July 15, 2011 Play
3 Everything Starts With One Courageous Step July 22, 2011 Play
4 That Changes Who I Am July 29, 2011 Play
5 Spending Summer Vacation With Everyone August 5, 2011 Play
6 The Decision to Continue Forward August 12, 2011 Play
7 Things You Love, Things That Are Important August 19, 2011 Play
8 The Indirect Route to Happiness August 26, 2011 Play
9 Things You Can Do As Two September 2, 2011 Play
10 Moving Forward a Little Bit with Everyone September 9, 2011 Play
11 Hopes, Uncertainties, and Signs September 16, 2011 Play
12 A Goal with a One-Way Path September 23, 2011 Play
13 And So, the Girls Rise to the Shining Stage September 30, 2011 Play
14 The World that Began to Change! October 7, 2011 Play
15 Everyone Together, It's a Live Broadcast! A Live Broadcast! October 14, 2011 Play
16 How It Feels to be All Alone October 21, 2011 Play
17 Makoto, A True Prince October 28, 2011 Play
18 Lots of Everything November 4, 2011 Play
19 Like the Moon Hiding Between the Clouds November 11, 2011 Play
20 Promise November 18, 2011 Play
21 Like a Flower Blooming November 25, 2011 Play
22 On Christmas Eve December 2, 2011 Play
23 Me December 9, 2011 Play
24 Dream December 16, 2011 Play
25 Everyone Together! December 23, 2011 Play
Bonus The Story of 765PRO June 16, 2012
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