Ritsuko Akizuki is a character in THE iDOLM@STER video game and anime series.


The cool, smart-girl type, Ritsuko believes in theory more than her own inner strength. Originally an intern working at 765 Production after graduating from high school, due to a lack of girls scouted by 765 Production Ritsuko became an idol herself. Despite being an idol, she still has one hand in the business side of her own celebrity, and is quick to chide the Producer if she thinks he is not doing his job correctly. Ritsuko's appearance remains conservative and business-like, as she always wears glasses and keeps her hair in two modest pigtails. No matter the costume or event in the game, she never takes her glasses off, or lets her hair down, with the exception of the pajama costume in The Idolmaster: Live For You! and The Idolmaster 2.

In THE iDOLM@STER 2, Ritsuko becomes the producer for the idol group Ryūgū Komachi and ties her hair up. She'll tie her hair in pigtails again when using a Ryūgū Komachi costume in the game. In the anime, she was a former idol before becoming a producer for 765 Production, and ties her hair in pigtails for the concert in episode 18.

She was born on November 23 and is 157 cm tall. She weighs 52kg and is very embarrassed about this detail. Ritsuko has shoulder-length brown hair, which she always keeps in two braided pigtails. She wears glasses and a white shirt with blue stripes and a dark green skirt with a light brown belt, and red shoes. Her alternative outfit is a plaid dark green jumper with a blue shirt under it and black trousers.

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