THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS: Starlight Stage (アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ Aidorumasutaa Shinderera Gāruzu Sutaaraito Suteeji?) is a spin-off rhythm game released for iOS and Android, based on THE IDOLM@STER: CINDERELLA GIRLS franchise. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and was released on September 3, 2015 on Android devices and on September 10, 2015 on iOS devices.


THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage is a free to play rhythm game which follows the idols of 346 Production as you work as a producer for them.


There are a total of six note types: simply tapping the icon, tapping and holding down the icon, tapping and flicking a certain direction, tapping two icons simultaneously, and tapping and sliding a certain direction.

The player can choose any song that they currently have unlocked. Each song has one of four attribute: Cute, Cool, Passion, and All Types. Each song also has different levels of difficulty which changes the complexity of the beatmap: Debut, Regular, Pro, Master, and Master+.


There are four types of stories that you can unlock:

Main Story

To see the main story, see here.

The main story has you work at the 346 Production as a producer for the idols. Each story is fully-voiced with each member's voice actress, and in order to unlock new chapters the player must either level up to the required level or wait for new chapters to be released. Each chapter in the main story unlocks a song.

Side Stories

To see a list of each idol's side story, see here.

Every idol has two types of side stories: Memories and Episodes. Memories are unlocked when an idol reaches a certain number of fans. Episodes are unlocked when the player awakens a card of the idol.

Event Stories

To see the event stories, see here.

During events, a story will be released to go alongside it. The chapters are unlocked through reaching certain point requirements. If the player misses the event, they can unlock chapters by using keys.

Extra Stories

To see the extra stories, see here.

Stories that don't fit into the above categories, such as April Fool's stories, are placed here.


To see a list of events, see here.

Events are held three times per month and allow players to earn limited-time cards, trophies, and other rewards. The events generally happen in this pattern: LIVE Grooves or LIVE Parades, Cinderella Caravans or LIVE Parades, and Token.


Token events are events where players earn themed tokens from playing normal Lives. The themed tokens take the place of stamina for the event song, which is either an existing song or a new song. The player earns points from playing normal Lives and playing the event song.

LIVE Grooves

LIVE Grooves have three different types based off three of stat types: Vocal, Dance, and Visual. The player chooses a difficulty level and they will receive three randomized songs from one attribute, although non-attribute songs can be included. The player completes the Lives back-to-back with an applause meter recording how well they are doing based on their number of PERFECTs, GREATs, BADs, and MISSes. If the player gets the applause meter over 17, they will unlock the encore event song.

Cinderella Caravan

Cinderella Caravans are events where the player plays normal Lives with a chance of getting limited cards and Caravan tokens. As the event progresses, each day has a certain attribute where that if you play a song under that certain attribute, there will be an increased chance of event drop rates.

LIVE Party

LIVE Parties allow players to play with each other for one Live with a chance of the limited cards dropping through rewards and points earned through their ranking in the Live. The player sets up teams for each song attribute and each position has a different role for different stat bonuses: Performer (Visual), Vocalist (Vocal), Center (All), Dancer (Dance), and Leader (Life). When put into a match, the game will randomly pick what role you will represent and the idol you picked to represent that role will be used.

LIVE Parade

LIVE Parades have players tour around Japan with their teams. The tour is broken into five areas and each area has two to three subareas with a different number of songs to play. After playing through a subarea, the player earns points and attendees. To unlock new areas for the tour, the player must reach a certain number of attendees in certain areas.


To see the list of cards, see here.

The gacha is used to scout for new idols and to obtain cards using star jewels and friendship points as currency. All cards unlock memorial stories and idol episodes once a card is changed into its awakened form. SSR cards unlock special outfits that can be viewed through the 3D mode in lives.

Platinum Gacha

The main gacha contains the Rare, Super Rare, and Super Super Rare rarities, and it uses the star jewel currency. All cards featured and in the gacha are permanent. When using this gacha, players have three types of scouting to choose from.

  • One scout for 250 star jewels.
  • Ten scouts from 2,500 star jewels.
  • One scout for 60 purchased star jewels.

A new Platinum Gacha appears three times a month featuring a new permanent SSR card and SR card with the featured cards having a higher appearance rate than other cards in the gacha. All permanent Platinum Gacha cards are available to scout for in Limited, Cinderella Festival, and Type Select Gacha.

Limited Gacha

The Limited Gachas happen at the start of every month following a theme. Each Limited Gacha has two limited SSRs, one limited SR, and one permanent SR. Sometimes Limited Gachas will reappear at the end of a month if there is no Cinderella Festival.

Cinderella Festival Gacha

The Cinderella Festival Gacha, often shortened to just CinFes, appears at the end of each third month in a season. During this gacha, the appearance rate of SSRs are increased from 1.5% to 3.0% and new limited SSRs are released. The cards from previous Cinderella Festivals are always included in new ones, although with a lowered appearance rate than the featured ones.

Type Select

The Type Select Gacha happens at the end of every month for three consecutive days with each day having a select attribute. All rarities are affected by the attribute restraint.

Local Audition

Local Auditions use friendship points to earn normal, rare, and super rare cards as well as trainer tickets. The appearance rates of the cards and tickets are unknown. When using this gacha, players have two types of scouting to choose from.

  • One scout for 200 Friendship Points
  • Ten scouts for 2,000 Friendship Points