Welcome Producers! THE iDOLM@STER Wikia is dedicated to bringing up-to-date and correct information to all iDOLM@STER fans, and in order to do that we need YOU! You can help out the wikia in many ways, such as creating needed pages, spellchecking pages, adding photos and videos, and more!

While all of this might seem straightforward, we have a specific way of doing things so formatting stays the same on every page, it's also a good a idea to read the rules so your edits follow protocall. Although, before you start, it's important to have an account if you'd like to stay on the wikia and hide your public IP adress. You can sign up for a wikia account here.

General Editing

When editing, keep in mind some general things.

  • Add the correct categories to pages you create.
  • Use the format of
'''Romanized''' (Kanji ''English'')

when Japanese terms are used, such as in the beginning of song pages. However, if further clarification is needed for the terms, feel free to link to an outside source such as Wikipedia.

  • Use the appropriate infoboxes for pages.
  • Always get permission before using someone else's work, such as translations.
  • English is the main language used on this wikia, so English grammar rules apply here.
  • Please refrain from using random Japanese terms on article pages, such Kawaii or Sugoi.
  • When an article contains important spoilers revealed in media such as games, anime, or other adaptations, use the Spoiler template to have a notice.
  • If an article lacks sufficient information, mark the page as a Stub using the category and template .
  • Advertisements are prohibited on article pages. Feel free to have them on your profile, as a blog, or on the forum.
  • Adding false information or deliberately removing valid information will be considered vandalism .

Creating Articles

  • While articles can be created by any user, it's important to make sure that the page isn't a duplicate of an existing page. To avoid this, it's best to create pages that are red links.


  • When uploading images, the name of the files should be as descriptive as possible.
  • The names should never be randomized,such as Eiwd98dso92.png
  • The name of the image should be finalized before uploading, as only Admins and Content Moderators can rename them.
  • If you'd like to rename an image, please contact one of our Admins or Content Moderators .


If you're able to transcribe, translate, or edit translations we have, feel free to contrubute to the page! However, we have standards to follow:


  • Graphemes, vowels lengthed by ー, should be romanized as aa, ee, ii, oo, uu for a, e, i, o, u.
  • When particles are used, は should be romanized as "wa", >を should be romanized as "o", and 
    へ should be romanized as "e".
  • English loan words, such as wedding, that are should be romaninzed as the loan word and not the English way. Example: ウェディング is wedingu, not wedding.


  • This is an English wikia, so please put non-romanizations in English.


In order to follow formatting, feel free to copy the format of a page that centers around the same subject and replace the needed information. 


A list of templates to be used on pages. It's important to use the correct template for the franchise the page is about.