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Takane Shijou is a member of "Project Fairy" , and appears in the PSP games as a rival. Takane has long, white, wavy hair and fringe cut bangs which she accessorizes with a hairband and is often in elegant clothing. Due to her upbringing, she seems to be quite aloof and cold; however, she actually just has a very good poker face, and is often making jokes. She lives with her butler because her parents often go on business trips and don't have much time for their daughter. Her father has a large company like Iori's father which causes tension to spark between the two. Takane is very passionate about music and is also considered to be one of the more intellectual characters from the series and is fluent in numerous languages, including German. It is implied that she is not from Japan, which has given her the nickname "Silver Queen". Along with the other two Project Fairy members, Hibiki and Miki, she joins Studio 765 in The Idolm@ster2 .

Basic InfoEdit

  • Voice Actor: Yumi Hara (Japanese)
  • Age: 18
  • Color: Carmine / purple
  • Hair color: Silver / White
  • Image Song : Overmaster ( Project Fairy ) , Flower Girl , Kazahana
  • Personal Songs : My Best Friend ( with Ritsuko and Yukiho )

About TakaneEdit

Takane Shijou, an elegant and majestic figure, she is known as "The Silver Queen" by her fans in the game, and also known as "The Vocal Master" of 961 Production, rivaling, and even supposedly surpassing Chihaya's ability. She comes from a very wealthy family, like Iori, and is in fact half European, most likely German.

Because of the way Takane was raised in a rich family, Takane is very polite to others, even her enemies, and hates being alone. She is also a very smart girl, almost comparable to Risuko

Even though very hard-headed sometimes, she hates being alone and in fact when alone she begins to cry while staring at the moon, and though she does nothing against it, she is well aware that President Kuroi is telling her ridiculous lies.

Takane's family consists of herself and father, her mother having passed away when she was little. In fact she stated that she never even met her mother. She is raised by her strict butler due to her father frequently being away for business trips.

Takane has a strong passion for music and stage shows, she is also fluent in almost all languages related to Latin.

Trivia Edit

  • Takane Seiyuu, Yumi Hara currently voiced Kazumi Mishima in Tekken series. Starting in Tekken 7. Making her is the only iDOLM@STER characters who their seiyuu is voicing Tekken Characters.

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