Yayoi Takatsuki is a character in THE iDOLM@STER video game and anime series.

Yayoi anime

Yayoi in the anime

Appearance Edit

Yayoi has red hair always tied up in two, well curled bunched on either side of her head. She has bright blu eyes and is the smallest of the 765 Production Idols. Her favourite parka is orange that has a patch sewed on by her Mum.

Personality Edit

Yayoi is a young, kind and caring girl who looks for work mainly so she can support her family. She is often described as bright and cheerful and the Producer decides this is her 'selling point'.

Background Edit

Yayoi is the oldest of six siblings. She is from a poor family and states that she's always helped around the house and with chores. Due to her parents working late most nights she is known to cook dinner, clean and take out the rubbish.

Galleries Edit

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